Barrel - The Ultimate Portable Solar Generator:

A powerful combination of solar panels, batteries, and inverters in a plug & play design. Clean energy anywhere, without the need for permits. Available in three versions: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Additional Barrel Storage from 10 kWh up to 40 kWh

Barrel Storage additional 10 kWh up to 40 kWh

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Smart Photovoltaic with MicroInverter:

"Get your photovoltaic system up and running in minutes. Eliminate the basic consumption of your home or business up to 800 W peak. You can install 1, 2, or 3 Modules of 405 W each. Then just plug it in. In the garden, on the roof, or on the balcony. Use the triangles creatively or follow our guide."

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Mono and Three-Phase Hybrid Inverters:

The new models of CEI 021 hybrid inverters are designed for installation in Energy Communities, with the ability to connect to modular storage units from 4.8 kWh up to over 2 MWh. Single-phase designed for residential applications, with powers from 3 to 6 kW and three-phase hybrid inverters with powers ranging from 6 to 10 kW. Ideal for residential applications, they can also be used for commercial and industrial implementations thanks to the ability to be installed in parallel up to 10 units (100 kW max).

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Lithium HV and LV Batteries:

The internal molecular structure of LiFePO4 batteries is more stable and safe (Cobalt-free); integrated BMS capable of managing and monitoring cell voltage, current, and temperature. Depth of Discharge (DOD) of 95% with our inverters. We train both Private Customers, Installers, and Resellers. From batteries to Racks, through Cables. 10-year warranty.

10-year warranty

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Large Storage for Agrivoltaic, Industries, and Remote Areas without Electricity:

Aimed at producers and prosumers, with new or existing systems, of commercial, agrivoltaic, industrial, or utility scale size, who want to integrate a large-scale storage system to increase self-consumption, maximize peak shaving, or to feed energy into the grid at the most convenient times of the day. It can also be the heart of an energy community and also represents an element of enhancement of one's system by reducing the payback time of the investment. Thanks to the control of the EMS, it is compatible with many forms of incentive including industry 4.0. In Off-Grid versions, it ensures the operation of entire complexes of users who do not have an electrical network.

In Off-Grid versions, it guarantees the operation of entire user sites that do not have a power grid.

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E-mobility, EV-charger, E-bike Charging Stations:

We design and build solar Car Parks for motorcycles, scooters, and charging stations for electric bikes and scooters.

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